Derek Perdue is a Poser (In Our Opinion)

Posted on June 22, 2023 by DM

Screen shot above is from Derek Perdue’s Facebook page of poser thumbnails. (NOTE: Used in accordance with Fair Use doctrine as outlined in the Copyright Act. Also, we blocked out the faces of others in this photo for privacy concerns.)

In our opinion — yes, that’s what we think of Derek Perdue, self-proclaimed “celebrity” trainer based in Las Vegas.

He lists his place of business as 3255 St Rose Pkwy, Henderson, Nevada. It’s empty. Crickets. There are other businesses located at this address, as you can see from the photo below — the Coder School, Albeto’s Taco Shop, to name a couple — as well as others. But no Derek Perdue Celebrity Trainer Fitness location. Or any other location that even remotely resembles a fitness consultant office/center/gym.

3255 St. Rose Parkway, Henderson, Nevada

Derek Perdue poses a lot, as you can see from his various social media pics. You’ll find his Facebook page, which has the most pic posts, as well as his Instagram account. Within those accounts, you’ll see numerous photos of Derek Perdue posing by himself, with supposed “clients,” in a gym environment (a Henderson Anytime Fitness location).

You’ll see photos of Derek Purdue posing in front of cool cars, like that white Lamborghini seen in the collage of Facebook thumbnail photos; posing in the gym with “clients,” posing in the gym by himself, posing with a sketch of him posing in the gym, posing in nature with rock surrounding him, posing with concrete … all kinds of manner of posing. Just look up his Facebook and Instagram accounts and see for yourselves.

By the way, according to our research, Derek Perdue’s actual car is not a Lambo — it’s a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer. What’s the matter Derek? Your Blazer doesn’t cut it as a posing vehicle? (Oh, that’s right … you’re a poser.)

That’s why we believe, in our opinion, that Derek Perdue is a poser. So many poses in so many facets of his personal and professional life. We’ll continue to detail all that here. Please come back often to check for updates. Thanks.